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AK-47 Supreme Terpenes


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AK47 is, of course, a well-known rifle, also called the Kalashnikov. You don’t want that kind of violence, but our slightly different named AK-47 Supreme Terpenes will have a killer impact as well! It combines pungent yet floral, woody and earthy tones for a complex and rich aftertaste with a kick. The musky and mango flavours in AK-47 are caused by the myrcene terpene. In addition to the sweet mango flavour, myrcene causes uplifting and a boost in creativity. Myrcene is also known to be helpful with pain relief and has anti-inflammatory qualities. The pepper kick in AK-47 comes from caryophyllene, that also has an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities.. The hops are derived from humulene, that can suppress hunger and have antibacterial qualities. So these terpenes give you beneficial shots and when they hit you, you’ll feel no pain!      

Add AK-47 to your e-liquid, e-juice, tincture, hemp oil, or CBD rich cannabis oil formulation. With Supreme Terpenes you can influence your state of mind and health in exciting gastronomic ways. The liquid terpenes are easy to use and just a small amount will have a strong effect. Your genuine supreme terpenes will be delivered to you in a 1ML sized sterile glass bottle with a useful dropper. This is then packaged in our branded box. Our terpenes are therefore also perfectly suitable as a gift. Surprise your friends or a loved one with this stylish box. Or treat yourself to a supply of terpenes that fits your pallet. Discover the benevolence and appeasement of Supreme Terpenes!

The flavor from this terpene is based on the famous AK47 Cannabis Strain and is know to leave you relaxed and mellow. This sativa Hybrid gives the user a long-lasting buzz that boosts your creativity. This strain is commonly used by people with stress, depression, pain and insomnia.

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Supreme Terpenes Top Features
Genuine Supreme Terpenes help to influence your mood and state of mind.
Genuine Supreme Terpenes are composed of 100% natural, organic, steam-distilled terpenes.
Genuine Supreme Terpenes can be used for multiple purposes: Aromatherapy, food, perfume and mixing with various herbs.
Genuine Supreme Terpenes are an essential part of the entourage effect.
Genuine Supreme Terpenes come in a wide range of flavours and aromas.

We Only Sell Genuine Supreme Terpenes

  • Supreme AK-47 Terps
  • Bottle size: 1 ML
  • Dripper
  • Flavour: Earthy, Pungent, Woody
  • Aroma: Pepper, Hops, Musk, Mango, Pine, Sour, Floral
  • Discreet Delivery
  • Branded Box

Earthy, Wood

Spices & Herbs

Earthy, Floral, Woody

Fruity Fruits


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