Do you want discount?




You can just browse the shop!

Cool, let us explain!

Step 1 : Select your box

At the very start of our feature you will find information on what discounts are available and how to obtain them. You can use the arrows, located on each side of the box, to scroll between the various options. When you are done reading, you can press  the continue button located at the bottom to go to the next step!


Step 2 : Select your favorite flavours

Simply select one of the colorful tabs on the left hand side and a bunch of flavours will be displayed in the grey box to the right. When you select a flavour, a green border around the flavour will indicate that it has been selected. You will need to select a minimum of one flavour to continue to the next step. When you are done, click the continue button.

Step 3 : Add your favorite products

Depending on what flavours you choose in the previous step, the feature will display everything that correlates with your flavour profile. Simply scroll through the products and click on the plus located on the bottom right of the product to add it to your box. You will notice the more you add, the higher the discount gets! When done, click on add to Cart to complete your box!