How our love for Terpenes came to fruition

In the beginning, not much unlike you, we people at Supreme Terpenes, were also just learning about what exactly Terpenes are and how they can be used. Through a few like-minded friends, we heard about this amazing product packed with amazing and unique flavours derived from different plants and fruits. We learned that within each concentrate, a unique molecule can be found that can have an effect on your mind and body. We also quickly found out that Terpenes can be used in a variety of things such food and drinks, to name a few. From that moment on, we acknowledged the endless possibilities, and quickly decided to get our hands on some Terpenes and start experimenting!

Our Goal

We at Supreme Terpenes love Cannabis. For many years, we have been searching for ways to spread the joy of our beloved plant across the globe. As simple as this goal might sound, many countries still prohibit the use of cannabis, which makes our goal next to impossible to accomplish. Or so we thought. During our research into what terpenes are and where they come from, we discovered, that in addition to essential oils with rich THC and CBD, natural food-grade Terpenes that smell and taste like famous cannabis strains, also exist. Not long after, we made the decision to start creating our own, to pursue our goal and spread the joy of cannabis around the world.

Our Quality

Our next step was focusing on delivering the most unique and high quality Terpenes with the world. We took to our very own kitchen and with a vast amount of different flavours we started our experimentation.

After months of trying and re-blending flavours and mixes, we finally settled on our signature product. Due to our standard being so high, we knew that it would take the world by storm. Not long after we developed our first flavour profile, we had our friends and family try it out. The outcome was as expected – everyone loved it! After that, word of mouth had crossed the outer edge of our community. We almost couldn’t keep up with all the interest. We knew we had to explore more flavours and possibilities if we wanted to reach a larger audience, so we dove back into our kitchen, put on our aprons and started to experiment more.

The Finish Line

After weeks of hard work, innovative ideas and dedication, we went from 5 strain specific flavours to 38. We took a leap of faith and finally started selling our products locally. And that is how the Supreme Terpenes Store was born. We can proudly say that we now have a total of 87 Terpenes flavours to show for it. Even after all this, we feel like we’re just getting started. We have hundreds of ideas and creations in the works to constantly bring you the newest and most special Terpenes flavours on the market – and we certainly don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

We can assure you that we will always strive for excellence and deliver you the most distinct flavours that you have ever tasted. We will continue to create Terpenes that actually taste and smell of the real thing for generations to come and we will continuously work to better ourselves and overcome our own records. Currently, Supreme Terpenes uses 54 different ingredients, whereas our competitors only use around 8 or 10. The reason for this is simply that we want to produce the most authentic flavours for you to enjoy.

Here at Supreme Terpenes, we strive to bring you the very best of quality Terpenes on the market, and along with our great customer service, we can assure you that you will leave our site knowing that we have catered to your every need. We can guarantee that all of our Terpenes flavours are of highest quality, ensuring that you get the best flavour. Each and every one of them is fresh, natural and organic, preserved in the best environment. The staff at Supreme Terpenes are extremely passionate about what they do, and will always be available to you should you have any questions. We realize that Terpenes are somewhat of a new concept in many circles, but we are happy to guide you through all of the benefits, uses and outstanding results of this miracle product.